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FCC is correct to demand accountability.

Don’t believe broadcasters who say it’s too much work to submit quarterly reports that prove they are covering public service news.  The FCC wants to hold broadcasters accountable.  Broadcasters say they don’t have the manpower.


Fight for journalism

Journalism professorThe public needs to be aware that many of their local TV stations aren’t providing the public service mission of journalism.  News is more than crime and grime stories, news is about how decisions and events affect people in their daily lives… property taxes, education, state legislation, infrastructure, utilities, and so forth.

How to fight back?  Call or e-mail your favorite TV station and ask for responsible reporting.  Write or e-mail the commissioners at the FCC to toughen license requirements for TV stations to promote more responsible reporting.  Push your Congressmen and Congresswomen for a national tax credit to help support your favorite news media outlet.

There’s more to life than “American Idol” and “Dancing with the Stars.”  To be a responsible U.S. citizen, you should stay informed.  Hold the news media accountable so you can live up to your responsibility as an American.